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As a matter of introduction

The endless and fascinating endeavour to uncover the truth about reality has haunted the human minds since its inception. If truth has often been deemed immutable, absolute and eternal, it is nonetheless evident that the ‘human’ truth - as man is able apprehend it - has always been the object of a multitude of interpretations. For finite human minds, the truth is not a ‘given’, but something concealed that needs to be unveiled. Like a hidden treasure that is never revealed in its totality, truth is the object of a never ending revelation of what lies beyond the appearances. Whether it be in the field of philosophy, religion, science, history or any other type of human knowledge, human beings are relentlessly at work to unveil the meaning of Reality that surrounds them. They alone, as Aristotle said, are beings that wonder, question, and endeavour to understand.

Here lies the fundamental difference between human life and all the other forms of life found on our planet. To human beings alone, is given the responsibility of the progressive and unending search for meaning and truth about their environment and their own existence. All other forms of life passively endure their fate , blindly obeying the laws imposed by the biological constitution of their nature. As Pascal wrote, human beings are the weakest in nature, but also the greatest, for they are thinking beings. Intellection, consciousness and reason are the human factors that bring in the human responsibility of knowing and discovering the truth about their existence and Reality around them. The search for truth is the monopoly of the human race. As Heidegger aptly remarked, Dasein - or the being human - is the locus of truth. There lies the specifically human responsibility for finding, or better, unveiling a truth that lies hidden and that waits to be revealed.


Jean Mercier

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